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A Time for Love Now Available!

A Time for Love

She's a star on Broadway. He's an aspiring writer. They're "just friends".

Annie Collins Morgan, aka actress Morgan Collins, is self-sufficient, successful, and lonely after her best friend moves out to be married. Christopher "Kit" Maxwell is desperate to move out of the student ghetto and into a space that will allow him the peace he needs to finish his novel. It's a match made in heaven and it's strictly least at first.

Through everyday life, triumphs and tragedies, from New York to New Mexico, their friendship grows and changes. Will they realize their true feelings before it's too late?

There's a "ghost" of a chance.

Titles by alphabetical order (sorted by title)

A Time for Love
Sabra Brown Steinsiek
A Dynasty of Dinosaurs
Jason Poole and Jason Schein
Rainbows from Heaven
Lynn Ellen Doxon
Barns from the Land of

Jerry R. Davis
The Elephants in the Land of

Beverly Eschberger
Sleepless Nights
Pierre C Arseneault
Belle's Star
Connie Gotsch
The Elephants Tour England
Beverly Eschberger
Til the End of Time
Sabra Brown Steinsiek
Belle's Trial
Connie Gotsch
The Elephants Visit London
Beverly Eschberger
Timing is Everything
Sabra Brown Steinsiek
Belle's Challenge
Connie Gotsch
Forced Journey: The Saga of
Werner Berlinger

Rosemary Zibart
Time's Secrets
Sabra Brown Steinsiek
Brixbrix's Field Guide
to the Creatures of Ados

Geoff Habiger & Coy Kissee
In the Fullness of Time
Sabra Brown Steinsiek
True Brit - Beatrice, 1940
Rosemary Zibart
Dark Tales for Dark Nights
Angella Jacob (Cormier) and
Pierre C Arseneault
Michigan Barns, Et Cetera
Jerry R. Davis
Death in the Black Patch
Bruce Wilson
Oakwood Island
Angella Cormier and
Pierre C Arseneault
The Divine Order:
Jute - Faith of Creation

Geoff Habiger
Prayers from a Wounded Warrior
Laura Barnhart
Dinosaur Learning Activity
Book, 2nd Ed

Geoff Habiger
Prospect for Murder
Jeanne Burrows-Johnson

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An Elephant Family Adventure


Far and Away

Taylor's Girls

Natalie Seachrist Mysteries

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