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Lynn Ellen Doxon

Lynn Doxon started writing stories at the age of seven but didn't consider herself a writer. She won her first writing contest at eighteen and was first published in a non-school publication at twenty. She still didn't consider herself a writer. Despite the publication of three books and over a thousand newspaper and magazine articles through her work, she was a horticulturist, not a writer. When she retired and began making money writing online articles, she began to think she might be a writer. With the publication of this, her first novel, Dr. Doxon calls herself a writer. She hopes you agree. She lives amid an urban food forest in Albuquerque with her husband, the two youngest of her six children, her 96-year-old mother, and a large collection of animals.

Titles from Lynn Doxon

Rainbows from Heaven
Ninety Day Wonder
The Moonlight Cavalry

Other titles written by Lynn Ellen Doxon

High Desert Yards and Gardens (ISBN: 978-0826319098, Publ: University of New Mexico Press)
The Alcohol Fuel Handbook (ISBN: 978-0741406460, Publ: Infinity Publishing)
The World Upside Down with Lydia Habiger-Doxon and Jana Habiger-Doxon

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