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Submission Guidelines

Our first request is that you READ some of the books we have previously published. This is the best way for prospective authors to get a feel for the types of work we will publish as well as our editor's tastes and what we like in a story. We are a small publishing company without the resources of the larger publishers. If we accept your manuscript for publication, we will work in partnership with you to get the book into hands of readers. We have national distribution through IPG Books and we look for targeted marketing that will inform readers about your book. While we will do everything we can to promote your work we expect the AUTHOR to be involved in many aspects of promotion, including being the primary person who will reach out to set up interviews, book signings, reach bloggers, perform social media outreach, etc. We provide assistance and resources where we can, but if you expect us to do EVERYTHING after you have been published, then you are not the right fit for us. We pay royalties on a quarterly basis (per our contract) and we do not pay advances.

Artemesia Publishing publishes primarily fiction for general audiences for both adults and children. On rare occassions we will publish non-fiction titles, however we ask that you first approach us with a proposal for any non-fiction title. For fiction, we will consider proposals for manuscripts in most genres, however we will not accept any work that contains erotica, sexually explicit, or other hard-core material. We do not publish poetry. We encourage you to review the Titles section of our website to help determine whether your book is appropriate for our publishing goals.

We are looking for well-written, entertaining manuscripts that can capture a reader's attention. Your story should be both informative and engaging to the reader, written in a lively, lucid prose. We love unique stories with stong characters and plots that haven't been done a million times before.

For non-fiction books the topic must have broad, long-term appeal. The sources you rely on must be thoroughly documented and not infringe on any existing copyrights. You are responsible for supplying all photographs, maps, and other graphics your book may need.

We accept unsolicited proposals from authors and literary agents. Please do not send your entire manuscript unless we ask for it. Submit a cover letter telling us who you are (including your credentials and publishing history, if applicable), a synopsis of your book not to exceed 200 words, who your target audience is, what are the comparable titles to your book and how your book differs from competing works. Tell us why you think Artemesia Publishing should publish your book. Most importantly, tell us what you will do to help market your book. (Show us your enthusiasm in how you plan to promote your book.) Include the first two chapters of your manuscript. These should be double-spaced, and if submitting your work electronically, the sample chapters should be in a Word (.doc, .docx) or Rich Text (.rtf) format.

Your submissions can be sent via regular mail at the address below, or may be emailed to us at the email address below.
If you follow the submissions guidelines we will respond to your proposal within six to eight weeks. Proposals that are sent to us that do not follow these guidelines will not be read and will not be replied to. Please send us an email if you have any questions.

Send your proposal to:


- or -

Submissions Editor
Artemesia Publishing
9 Mockingbird Hill Rd
Tijeras, New Mexico 87059

Request Permissions

If you wish to obtain permission to use images or text from any Artemesia Publishing publication, please send your inquiry to info(at)

What does a publisher do for you?

To learn more about what a traditional publisher does, and to see what Artemesia's philosophy is on publishing, please check out our Publisher Information page.

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