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Author Information

Coy Kissee

Coy is an avid player of all types of card games, board games, and role-playing games. He took his love for gaming and turned it into a business and is a co-founder of Tangent Games. He is the author of several books for Dungeons & Dragons published by Tangent Games.

Coy lives in Kansas with his wife. He is currectly working on several new projects for Tangent Games and is co-authoring his first novel, Unremarkable.

Other Titles

Titles Published by Artemesia Publishing.


Saul Imbierowicz Vampire Trilogy

Constable Inspector Lunaria Adventures
Wrath of the Fury Blade
Joy of the Widow's Tears
Fear of the Minister's Justice

Brixbrix's Field Guide to the Creatures of Ados

The Divine Order: Jute - Faith of Creation

Other Titles

Ados: The Land of Strife (Publ: Tangent Games)

Gemerator (Publ: Tangent Games)

Ars Lingua (Publ: Tangent Games)

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