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Jason Poole

Jason Poole hatched in 1970 someplace in the eastern United States where he was raised by squirrels. His interest in art was spawned as he learned to read from discarded comic books and fast food menus in the mean streets of Philadelphia. To this day the dynamic line art of comic books has left an impression on "Mr. Poole" as he is called by his jungle friends.

Mr. Poole has produced art for several museums and for National Geographic and National Geographic World magazines as well as several scientific publications.

Jason enjoys cheeseburgers and long walks in the badlands of Montana and Wyoming and spending time with his offspring and life mate.

Jason's studio is nestled in a corner of his home. It's lead-lined walls and roof just barely keep out the scans from the mothership. It's a good life and it is mine.

There is some truth in this and that is how it was written in the beginning…

Titles from Jason Poole

Titles Published by Artemesia Publishing:

A Dynasty of Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs Behaving Badly

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