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The Magic of Chaos Coming June 2023

Tempest Blades: The Magic of Chaos
Magick is in disarray. The Crown of the Dead has reappeared. Three gods appear, one fallen, one amnesiac, and one which corrupts. Two teams, two missions, and one world to save in a tight amount of time before everything goes to hell.
The Pearl Plot Coming July 2023

The Pearl Plot
A body found at an abandoned homestead puts a damper on Millie Whitehall's current project with the BLM. Is there a connection to another murder that took place at the cabin over a hundred years before? Complicating everything are rumors of a lost silver cross and vandalism at the homestead.
The Worst Enemy Coming August 2023

The Worst Enemy
Two boys on opposite sides of the U.S. Civil War, one following his duty to protect his friend, the other looking for a strong leader to inspire him. Both are pulled toward a distant mountain pass in New Mexico territory where the decisive battle of Confederate Gen. Sibly's New Mexico campaign will be fought. Called the "Gettysburg of the West" the Battle of Glorieta Pass will test both boys as they face their worst enemy.
The Worst Enemy Coming September 2023

The One Hundred Most Important Players in Baseball Hitory
A collection of essays about the one hundred players who have had the biggest impact on baseball, popular culture, American and world history through their careers inside or outside of baseball.

Recently Released from Artemesia Publishing

The Painter's Butterfly The Painter's Butterfly
What if art could come alive and guide you home? Foster child Nova discovers a magical easel that brings paintings to life in her new foster home. But there are startling secrets in the ramshackle farmhouse and Nova must make an important choice to learn the true meaning of family and home.
Murder at the Zoo Murder at the Zoo
After a body is tossed into the lions' habitat at the zoo where she is the senior veterinarian, Miranda Scott and Detective Bryan Anderson find themselves investigating several murders. Miranda and Bryan alternate between flirting and fighting off romantic feelings as they try to solve the case. But murder seems to keep getting in their way!
Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx Roy White: From the Compton to the Bronx
The story of how a young man from Compton rose to the highest levels of baseball greatness with a career that spanned decades and continents as he played alongside some of the greatest players of the game.
The Dragon's CLAW The Dragon's C.L.A.W.
In a New Mexico laboratory famous for the creation of the world's first atomic bomb, a nationally recognized physicist wrestles with Chinese spies, Mexican drug cartels, kidnapping, murder, and his own emotions, as he strives to transform his laboratory's deadly beam weapons technology into a limitless source of clean energy.

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