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Red Screen Coming December 2023

Red Screen
Shea Britton is the top player in a Metaverse fantasy game. Her character, Darshana, is on a quest to stop an evil player called The Gray Warrior who's killing the game's best players. What she doesn't know is The Gray Warrior isn't playing a game. He's killing for real.
A Cowboy's Fortune Coming January 2024

A Cowboy's Fortune
Charlie Kelly has become the best cowboy at the best ranch and with the love of his life by his side he'll be tested by something he never expected: the world of big oil with all the treacheries created by men and mother nature.
Burning Little Lies Coming February 2024

Burning Little Lies
After a winter bonfire, four friends are linked by the mysterious murder of a classmate. All four are lying about that night. One will be forced to face the fiery truth. Another will die trying to keep it in the dark.
The SPinster, the Rebel, and the Governor Coming February 2024

The Spinster, the Rebel, and the Governor
Lady Margaret Brent is compelled to right wrongs but doing so puts her family at risk from the king's men. She flees to the new Maryland colony where she can enjoy religious tolerance and own land. Once there she becomes America's first woman attorney but must build a fort to protect the fledgling colony from being destroyed.

Recently Released from Artemesia Publishing

The Worst Enemy The Worst Enemy
Two boys on opposite sides of the U.S. Civil War, one following his duty to protect his friend, the other looking for a strong leader to inspire him. Both are pulled toward a distant mountain pass in New Mexico territory where the decisive battle of Confederate Gen. Sibly's New Mexico campaign will be fought. Called the "Gettysburg of the West" the Battle of Glorieta Pass will test both boys as they face their worst enemy.
The One Hundred Most Important Players in Baseball History The One Hundred Most Important Players in Baseball Hitory
A collection of essays about the one hundred players who have had the biggest impact on baseball, popular culture, American and world history through their careers inside or outside of baseball.
Walter Steps Up to the Plate Walter Steps Up to the Plate
Young Walter must leave everything he knows in Chicago for hot, dry Albuquerque when his mother falls ill. Walter is sure his mom will be quickly cured and they'll be back in Chicago before he knows it. But his hopes are dashed when his mom needs expensive surgery to cure her. An encounter with Al Capone could save his mother, but Walter will need to be indebted to the gangster.
The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record
In 1938 Richie Goodwin lands a dream job as the batboy for the Cincinnati Reds. But dealing with bullies at school and the bossy senior batboy may be too much for the competitive Richie to handle. Richie must earn a second chance where he will be witness to Johnny Vander Meer set a baseball record that might be unbreakable.

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